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The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) invites proposals for its COVID-19 public engagement gran whicht supports public engagement with environmental science that understands, addresses or mitigates the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Projects must support the objectives and approach in the NERC public engagement with research and innovation strategy, and must be sensitive to social distancing and other restrictions being brought in as a result of the current situation. Activities in scope include:

  • delivery of new or adaptation of current public engagement;
  • development of existing digital public engagement assets;
  • collaborative projects, including with museums or science centres;
  • developing partnerships, including with local communities;
  • building capacity, such as through networks, training, mentoring, sharing best practice;
  • digital engagement with potential focus on citizen science projects, use of new and emerging technology, creation of digital assets and innovative use of social media.

Applicants must be based at eligible UK-based HEIs, research council institutes, and independent research organisations. Proposals may include partnerships with other researchers across academic disciplines beyond the NERC remit. Any activities must be free at point of access for public audiences.

The total budget is £50,000 and grants are worth up to £10,000 each. Projects must finish by 31 March 2021.

The deadline is 1600 (BST) on Wednesday 13 May 2020.

Full information and application