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NERC is offering up to £7k to supports projects that develop new ways to engage the public with environmental science.

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) invites applications for its engaging the public with environmental science call. This supports projects that aim develop new ways to engage the public with environmental science. The project must do at least two of the following:

  • work across disciplines, or with people outside of academia;
  • explore new opportunities that have appeared since the applicant applied for other funding;
  • trial new approaches;
  • build capacity and capability;
  • support leadership activity;
  • focus on COP26.

The project must end by 25 March 2022.

All applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • the extent to which the application has the potential to achieve a minimum of two of the objectives of the funding opportunity.
  • the application demonstrates plans for high quality public engagement:
    • purpose: a clear, well-justified and proportionate vision and purpose for the project, responding to a need, with clearly defined desired outcomes
    • process: clear plans for delivery of the project
    • people: justification for who will be beneficiaries of the project (for example which public group or groups, professionals, researchers and so on), what the need is and why the chosen approach is taken
  • the project is well planned, researched and managed, allowing for a diversity of relevant perspectives to feed into plans, and has a clear approach to monitoring, evaluation and legacy (for example, how resources will be shared and partnerships sustained)
  • whether the project compliments and contributes to the NERC Responsible Business Statement – please see additional information for requirements around this
  • for applications looking to build partnerships: plans to deliver an equitable public engagement partnership demonstrating plans are collaborative across all partners, principles and best practice of partnership working are adhered to, and evidence as to how the partnership will be sustained
  • for applications looking to trial public engagement approaches: plans for an innovative activity or an existing activity being used in a new way, including through creative ways of engaging people, creative use of resources or an original approach.

Applications are encouraged from researchers and practitioners from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience

Grants are worth between £1,000 and £7,000. The total budget is £100,000. 

Deadline for applications is 1pm (BST) on 1 October

Full details and application