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Tackling complex problems demands both a deep understanding of environmental science and a whole-systems approach, with a broad, diverse research community engaged so that research and innovation are key factors in delivering the solutions society needs.

NERC sees public engagement as a key part of knowledge exchange, and a route to increasing the impact of research and are encouraging public engagement project applications to this year's fellowship call, which are intended to enable the sharing and flow of knowledge and expertise between NERC funded researchers and their stakeholders, partners and/or user communities with the aim of generating impact from NERC funded research in the priority areas detailed in the NERC delivery plan. 

KE Fellowships cover up to 100% of the Fellow's salary on a pro-rata basis including superannuation, NI and specific allowances, plus up to £40,000 for travel and other associated costs.

KE Fellows can work anywhere between 20% and 100% of their time on a work plan of their own choosing to generate impact from NERC remit research. 

You'll find a range of useful information on NERC's pages linked below, including current KE Fellow project summaries, eligibility information, what sorts of approaches you could consider. Ineligible activities include:

  • Activity that is solely for the purpose of knowledge exchange between different sections of the academic research base
  • Consultancy
  • Provision of external training
  • Activities which are not free at the point of access for public audiences
  • Impact generating activity which is not linked to NERC research
  • Generic public engagement with science (not research)

If you'd like to discuss an idea or get guidance, get in touch.

Deadline is 4pm on 2 December 2020 via applications through JeS.

Full details and application