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Are you involved in citizen science, crowdsourcing or public engagement?

Are you looking for help to set up your own project online, find participants, gather and analyse data?

Join an interactive workshop to author and run missions on the OU/BBC nQuire citizen inquiry platform.


nQuire is a platform developed by the Open University in partnership with the BBC. It has been designed to support the process of setting up, managing, and implementing citizen science projects from start to the end (see


We will be holding a free, knowledge exchange workshop on the 2nd July at The Open University where you will have the opportunity to learn more about nQuire and to set up your own projects on the platform.


By the end of this hands-on event, you will:

(a) learn how to take part in nQuire missions,

(b) learn how to author nQuire missions,

(c) set up at least one project you are interested in,

(d) get feedback and support from the nQuire team,

(e) find out about projects or initiatives pursued by other attendees (e.g., organisations, individuals).


Travel, subsistence and accommodation (one night) expenses will be reimbursed. 

Complimentary lunch and coffee.

Register here