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UWE Science Communication Unit is now inviting applications for their online course covering science writing for online content. The courses is a suitable introduction to science writing techniques for non-academic audiences.

This online module will introduce you to science writing techniques that are suitable for non-academic audiences. It will explore key writing structures and key principles behind non-academic writing with an emphasis on online writing.

Over the course of the module, you will consider how to identify a story in scientific research, key writing structures, how to adapt your writing for different audiences, considerations when writing about risk or statistics, getting your writing noticed online using social media and other means, writing an effective press release and considerations when writing about different fields of science.

At the end of the module, you will be able to critically evaluate what makes for good science writing and adapt their writing to different types of output and different audiences as well as having an understating of the opportunities the current science writing ecosystem presents.


The module will be taught across 10 weeks of online content (including two private study weeks), between 20 April and 28 June.

The assessment comprises one 2,500-word science writing portfolio and, on successful completion, you will receive transferable credits (ECTS).


The standard course fee is as follows:

  • £750
  • £1,200 (international students).

Full details and application