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WeObserve (a European-funded project) in partnership with FutureLearn, is introducing its first online course, 'Citizen Science Projects: How to make a difference'.

The course starts on 18 November 2019 and will run for four-weeks, but you can start any time. It is open to anyone and is free to participate. The course is now open for registration on the FutureLearn platform here:

During the course, learners will be able to discover citizen science projects and find out how to create and lead their own citizen observatory. Citizen science experts will share their knowledge, experiences and best practices in delivering citizen science projects. The course will also support co-creation and shared learning through discussion forums and group activities.

Topics included are:

  • Understanding the issue or problem: exploring environmental issues, deciding on a research focus and defining the research question(s).
  • Creating a community: finding the people who are brought together by a shared concern and positively nurturing the sharing of ideas and experiences.
  • Deciding what data to collect: using the research question(s) to select what information will be gathered.
  • Capturing or generating the data: collecting the information, keeping motivated and engaged.
  • Analysing the data: interpreting the data, being able to spot trends and anomalies.
  • Disseminating results: using the findings from the data to communicate with others about the environmental concern.
  • Change-making and planning action: using the findings to lobby for change, or plan an intervention or action to inform others about the environmental concern.