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The Re-think Sci Comm project is hosting this online workshop series is aimed at engaging the community of science communication professionals and scholars in order to reflect on the latest research outcomes together.

RETHINK Sci-Comm is a ERC funded research consortium that aims to assess the current science communication landscape and practise to identify effective practices, gaps and to share these and make recommendations to re-shape science communication practice for the better.

As part of their work they are hosting a series of online workshops to share what they've learnt and hear from others.

This work is focussed on connecting with under-served audiences and will be hosted on Zoom on Wednesday 29 September, 1-3pm (BST).

It is now well-documented that when science is communicated, audiences are most typically white, affluent, with relatively high levels of formal education and a pre-existing interest in science. But how can we challenge that in our practices and as a sector? Join two members of the RETHINK team, Andy Ridgway and Clare Wilkinson, to explore the approaches and roles being adopted by some of today’s science communicators that may help to foster connections with new or underserved audiences. And in collaboration with Vanessa Mignan, take the opportunity to explore your own practices and intentions when seeking to engage inclusively and innovatively.

Led by Andy Ridgway, Dr Clare Wilkinson – University of the West of England

You can also watch previous sessions via the link below.

Full details and register