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They pay the London living wage and interns tend to be final-year undergrads, postgrad students or those looking for a career change. In order for the SMC and interns to make the most of these placements our internships are competitively awarded and set at four weeks – as such they are not aimed at postgraduate students looking for three month placements though we are in the process of considering how such placements could be accommodated.

Their interns get involved in all aspects of the SMC’s work including assisting with press briefings, providing support to the chief executive, helping out at events run by the SMC, research and administration. Their internships do not offer experience of science writing or journalism.

I've known colleagues who have done this during this doctorates and found it valuable for experience and so on, so well worth doing if looking to get a taste of science communication via press officers.

For full information and to find out how to apply visit their website: