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New Scientist Live will be returning this year, taking over ExCeL London with five zones dedicated to everything science, technology, engineering and maths.

There's a range of exhibitors and over 120 speakers - here's everyone from the University of Oxford that features in the programme:

  • 28 Sept: Emily Howard, Composer, Visiting senior fellow, Department of mathematics, University of Liverpool and University of Oxford Computer Sciences Alumna with Marcus du Sautoy, Mathematician and author, Music and mathematics – world premiere of a string quartet.
  • 28 Sept: Tim Kruger, Geoengineer, How to cure climate change
  • 30 Sept: Simon Benjamin, Quantum scientist, The dawn of quantum technology.
  • 30 Sept: Charles Godfray, Population biologist, Can we feed the world?
  • 30 Sept: Anders Sandberg, Futurist, How big could our future be: long-term risks facing humanity

Find out more at their website: