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Up to £20k is available to support researchers from any discipline to develop their understanding, activity or networking to connect their research with policy-makers at regional, devolved, national or supra-national level.

Each year the University awards a handful of OPEN Fellowships, drawing on its allocation from the Higher Education Innovation Fund. This year, at least £80,000 is available for awards of up to £20,000 to enable recipients to:

  • Understand better how research can inform policymaking, and develop the skills to catalyse that process;
  • Share evidence with policymakers and support its use in decision-making; and
  • Develop and leverage networks and other resources to generate benefits to research, policy and the wider world. 

Potential partners include law-makers at devolved, national or supra-national level; civil service policy professionals and others who support law-makers; statutory bodies with responsibilities that are sectoral (e.g., regulators), regional (e.g. local councils) or subject-matter-related; international or intergovernmental organisations; or non-governmental organisations.  

Researchers at Oxford in any discipline can apply.

If you’re wondering whether this is an opportunity for you, why not take a moment to find out a bit about the experience of current and previous OPEN Fellows?

Deadline: 17:00 4 October 2021


Full details and application