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RSB outreach and engagement awards 2020

The Royal Society of Biology are inviting applications to their Outreach and Engagement Awards, under two categories: 'Established Researcher' and 'New Researcher', each rewarding outreach work carried out to inform, enthuse and engage the public., and comes with a cash prize.invites applications for its established researcher prize.

Established Researcher Prize

The Established Researcher Award is open to bioscience researchers who are beyond the first stages of their research career, as defined in the New Researcher category. The Society is looking for researchers who communicate their own work well, and who represent their own field strongly in the science communication world.

The prize is worth £1,500.

New Researcher Prize

The New Researcher Award is open to bioscience researchers currently reading for a Masters/PhD or in the first year of a post-doctoral position.

The prize is worth £750


Find out more about previous winners.

Application is via an application form and CV submission. The deadline is 28 June. Winners will be announced in October.

To apply and for further information, visit their website.