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The Paleontological Society offers up to $2,500 to support its members to undertake programmes and activities involving educational outreach and community engagement.

he Paleontological Society invites applications for its outreach and education grant. This supports members in engaging with programmes and activities involving educational outreach and community engagement. Eligible activities may include:

  • field trip to fossil sites or museums for teachers and pre-college students;
  • educator training and curriculum development;
  • participation in local community initiatives;
  • development of educational materials for classroom use;
  • website or other online material development.

Activities may fall within any subdiscipline of palaeontology or palaeobiology.

The following types of project are particularly encouraged:

  • those that include opportunities for undergraduate students to become involved in palaeontological outreach to younger students or the public;
  • those that create new educational apps or other technologies;
  • those that produce educational materials that could be distributed more widely.

Applicants must be members of the society at the time of application. Graduate student applicants should provide evidence that a professional member is willing to serve as advisor for the project.

Grants are worth up to US$2,500 each.

Deadline is 2 March 2022.

Click here for full details and how to apply