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The Physiological Society is offering up to £20,000 to support increasing the understanding and awareness of physiology.

Members and non-Members can apply and collaborations including those between expert science communicators, facilitators of public engagement, artists, musicians, thespians and their Members are encouraged.

They also offer up to £500 once a month through ad hoc applications throughout the year.

Funding could be used:

  • To increase understanding and awareness of physiology amongst the non-expert public
  • To increase awareness of the opportunities available to those who pursue physiology in their education
  • To increase engagement with physiology research
  • To support an outreach activity on Physiology Friday


  1. How well does the project fulfil the aim specified on the application? Does the project have a clear and adequate evaluation plan? ( Out of 5)
  2. How feasible is the project? This should take into consideration planning, timelines, budgets and execution. (Out of 5)
  3. What is the impact of the project on physiologists? Will the outcomes of this work inform confidence in public engagement, research or physiology more generally? (Out of 5)
  4. What is the impact of the project on the audience? (Out of 5)
  5. Is a resource/ publication being produced as a result of this project? Will the resource be useful to other Society members or can it be used by The Society to reach a wider audience? (Out of 3)

Full information and application