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A new interactive training session that builds on our 'Telling Stories that Matter' training session delivered by narrative skills coach Robert Holtom. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Owing to huge demand and interest in our popular narrative and storytelling session, Telling Stories that Matter, we have introduced a brand new session for this term delivered by narrative skills coach, Robert Holtom.

This session builds on the introductory workshop (Telling Stories that Matter) and introduces new elements of great storytelling including metaphor, clarity and message.

This highly interactive workshop will be based around an example of writing a explainer or news article for the wider, non-specialist public website (though the lessons can be applied to any communication context).

It is highly recommended that you will have already attended the introductory workshop, or equivalent introductory workshops on storytelling.

Brief reading material will be provided to ensure you are up to date with the fundamentals of storytelling that are the basis of this workshop.

This training is free, but is funded by the MPLS Training and Development team; if this session was offered at cost, each place would be worth ~£46 per person. We normally have a waiting list that is three times the capacity of the session, and is designed so that every second of your precious time is well used, so please only sign up if you can commit to attending the entire session as advertised or let us know in good time if you need to withdraw so that your space can be offered to someone else.