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Nominations are now open for the Royal Academy of Engineer's 2019 Rooke Award, which is normally awarded to an individual or small team (of no more than five) based in the UK that has supported the Academy's aims and work through their initiative in promoting engineering to the public.

Roma Agrawal (Alumni of the University, Physics, 2004) was the 2017 winner.

Nominations must provide the following information:

  • Particulars of the nominee.
  • Citation of not more than 500 words describing the nominee's achievements.
  • Curriculum vitae of not more than two pages for the nominee or team leader should be attached.
  • Letters of support from two referees.  At least one of the referees should be from outside the nominee's organisation. The nominator should not be one of the referees.

Self-nominations are not accepted, however, if you are interested in this award but do not know of anyone to nominate you please contact the Academy.

Full details and to nominate