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The Royal Society’s prestigious medals and awards programme recognises and celebrates outstanding contributions to science from individuals and teams. There are several awards in the area of public engagement and science communication, open to all (not just fellows of the Society).

The Royal Society medals and awards are currently open for applications – there are several awards in the area of public engagement and science communication. You don’t have to be a Fellow of the Royal Society to nominate or be nominated for any of the awards, and most awards are open to both individuals and teams.

 Amongst the many awards are:

  • David Attenborough award and lecture – for outstanding and sustained public engagement with science.
  • Hauksbee award – introduced in 2022, this is for an individual or team whose work is ‘behind the scenes’ or in support, including technicians and research office staff.
  • Rosalind Franklin award – for projects supporting the promotion of women in STEM. This prize includes a £40,000 grant.
  • Michael Faraday prize and lecture – to a scientist or engineer whose expertise in communicating scientific ideas to the public is exemplary.
  • Research Culture award – for outstanding and sustained work in the improvement of the research culture.

Most medals and awards are open to nominations of scientists at any career stage (For the premier awards, nominations are restricted to senior scientists. There are also a small number of awards designed to celebrate early career researchers).

The specific eligibility criteria for each award can be found on the individual award webpages.

Nominations close on Friday 24 February 2023 at 3pm GMT.

Please contact with any queries.


Click here for full details and to submit a nomination