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The Royal Society invites nominations for the David Attenborough award and lecture. This recognises an individual for public engagement with science in any science or technical discipline within the remit of the Royal Society, such as natural sciences, including mathematics, engineering science, agriculture and medical research, the scientific aspects of archaeology, geography, and experimental psychology.

The prize is open to citizens of the British Isles or a Commonwealth country, or those who have been ordinarily resident and working in the British Isles or a Commonwealth country for a minimum of three years immediately prior to being nominated. The nomination of a candidate is made by a proposer and self-nominations are not allowed. Teams are not normally considered except where each member has made an individual and clearly identifiable contribution.

The award consists of a silver medal and a cash prize of £ 2,500. The winner is invited to give two presentations, one at the Royal Society and one at an external location.

Deadline 3pm on 27 Jan 2020.


Full details and nomination