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The Royal Society of Biology and STEM Learning are partnering to provide a public engagement and hands-on science training event. This event is free and is open to RSB members, teachers and STEM ambassadors to attend. The course will run on Wednesday 13th of June at STEM Learning, 5th Floor, Woolgate Exchange, 25 Basinghall Street, London EC2V 5HA. The full course will run from 14:00-18:30 for RSB members and STEM ambassadors, (teachers can join in for a hands-on science focus at the end of the course and an opportunity to meet STEM Ambassadors from 16:30-18:30).

There will be an opportunity to learn about public engagement and science outreach, to share knowledge and network. RSB members can learn about opportunities available through becoming a STEM ambassador and STEM ambassadors can learn about RSB's work as a professional body, teachers will be able to learn a little about both organisations and how your students can benefit by making contact with Royal Society of Biology and STEM Learning.

The training will also cover wider opportunities to work and volunteer in science communication and public engagement, including outreach work with families, community groups, festivals, schools, universities or employers. 

The course will include an opportunity to learn how to deliver some simple hands-on science outreach activities and to practice this as part of a group, as well as discussing how to share your own science activities by outreach and engagement. Also how to engage with different public audiences in person or via social media in particular using Twitter as an example of this form of engagement and networking.