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The RSC-funded Chemistry for All project set out to explore and address barriers to participation in UK chemistry undergraduate study through a longitudinal five-year programme. In November 2020, they released the findings from this project to the community.

Through their Chemistry for All outreach grants they are now inviting applications from universities, consortia of organisations and charities to interpret the findings from Chemistry for All and apply these in the design and implementation of a two-year outreach programme for school students.

The funds aims are to:

  • Develop and test design principles for chemistry outreach, based on the findings from the Chemistry for All project, in a new set of contexts.
  • Bring about reflective, evidence-based practice to address the barriers to progression in chemistry for target students.
  • Provide insights into the success, or otherwise, of the intervention activities in overcoming barriers to progression in chemistry.
  • Build on our collection of outreach resources using the findings of Chemistry for All.

A maximum of £25,000 (including VAT) is available for each grant. Organisation(s) are expected to provide an in-kind contribution or match funding.

Deadline is 12 noon, Monday 1 March 2021

Full details and application


Note: RSC also offers small and large outreach grants, which are open annually. Check back for updates.