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This fund provides financial support to members, individuals and organisations in order to enable them to run chemistry-based public and schools engagement activities. Up to £2,000 is available.

Through the fund we aim to support projects that:

  • maximise our members' outreach and engagement contribution
  • offer teachers a range of effective curriculum-enriching activities and opportunities to further engage their students with outreach
  • provide hard-to-reach student audiences with inspiring chemistry engagement opportunities, delivered or coordinated by skilled people
  • increase chemistry and chemists' influence in public discourse and decision-making in line with the findings of the Public Attitude to Chemistry research.

applications must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Applicants should seek to engage with members of the Royal Society of Chemistry and member groups (e.g. to inform the chemistry content, to develop long-term sustainability plans, to engage volnteers to take part in the activities). However the lead applicant is not required to be a member.
  • Small grants are restricted to two per individual/group/institution. Those wishing to apply for larger numbers of events, for example, should submit a single application for a coherent programme to the large grant scheme.
  • Previous recipients of any of our grants, including the Outreach Fund, are welcome to apply for funding. This can be scale-up a project that already exists or to fund the development of an original project. The assessment panel will take into account both plans to ensure sustainability of the project and the quality of all evaluations received for any projects for which we have awarded previous funding.
  • Applicants should not resubmit an unsuccessful application unless invited to do so.
  • Funding is only available for projects within the UK or Republic of Ireland.

Deadline noon 9 September

Full details and application


All applications will be judged on the following criteria and should clearly demonstrate:

  • that the project has a significant aspect which is related to the chemical sciences
  • that the project has a clearly identified target audience
  • that the intended impact on the audience has been defined
  • that evaluation plans are built into the project

Applications for schools engagement activities should demonstrate how the proposed activities will:

  • enrich student's chemistry education and not solely deliver the curriculum 
  • provide students with opportunities to explore chemistry through local contexts, AND/OR
  • demonstrate career opportunities and develop employability skills, AND/OR
  • provide opportunities which would not normally be accessible to the students taking part, e.g for hard-to-reach student audiences.

Applications for public engagement activities should demonstrate how the proposed activities will:

  • increase chemists' visibility as approachable people AND/OR
  • increase the publics' confidence in discussing chemistry AND/OR
  • demonstrate the relevance of chemistry to everyday interests and concerns.

In addition, all projects involving member and volunteer engagement activities in order to deliver the schools or public engagement activities above, should also:

  • provide members with new opportunties to directly interact with the public
  • allow members to communicate chemistry, and their roles within chemistry, with passion.