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The Institute of Physics award the Rutherford Plasma Physics Communication Prize recognises those who exemplify excellence in outreach to the general public through the communication of plasma physics to those that are non-experts.

Last year Jena Meinecke (Dept of Physics) was awarded the prize for her role leading the Royal Society Summer Exhibition, 'How to Make a Supernova'.

The prize is open to ALL members of the plasma physics community, whose application will be judged by a distinguished panel of scientists and communicators (to include one plasma physicist, one non-plasma physicist and one non-physicist).

This year's winner will be announced during the 2019 IOP Plasma Physics Conference (23 - 26 April, Loughborough) and will receive £500.

The application procedure requires evidence of excellent communication skills and discussion of the impact of the activity. Past applications have seen examples such as creating a website, giving a talk or lecture, writing an essay or an article in a magazine, blogging or producing a podcast or video. Anything that communicates our plasma science will be considered - the more creative the better! However applications should be based on one specific activity rather than a range of activities.

Nominations and self-nominations are welcome.

For more information and an application form, please email

Deadline for submissions: 12:00, 15 February 2019.

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