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This series of talks from the Oxford Martin School, University College and the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing to celebrate their 20th anniversary brings together speakers on a range of subjects around science and society. Five new talks have been added to the series, starting October 30:

30 Oct 2018 "Conflicting truths. How does government listen to scientists?" with Dr Claire Craig
06 Nov 2018 "What’s the point of engaging the public in science and health research?" with Imran Khan
16 Nov 2018 "Communicating robust science" with Clive Cookson
19 Nov 2018 "Ensuring science and technology are at the heart of policy making" with Dr Patrick Vallance
28 Nov 2018 “Effectively supporting and facilitating high quality science" with Prof Jennifer Rubin

Most of these talks will be streamed live and/or available on their YouTube channel.