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Nature in partnership with Merck invites submissions for its science in shorts award that recognises approachable, engaging and easy to digest one minute research communication video that explains what the research is and why it matters. There is a cash prize.

Nature believes that research matters to everyone. But not everyone knows it.

They want to tell the world about your work, what you do and why it matters. It should be approachable, engaging and easy to digest.

The challenge

  • Tell the world about your research in a 1 minute video. What are you doing and why does it matter?
  • Your audience is everyone.
  • Your goal is to inform, engage and entertain.
  • Be as creative as you like, as long the science is accurate. Express yourself and don’t be afraid to show your personality.
  • There’s no need for specialist kit or sophisticated software. Videos can be shot on a smartphone. 
  • Every video that we agree is clear, accurate, and engaging will be added to the Science in Shorts library on
  • We’ll then select our favourite videos and give a prize of €5000 to each - up to 10 videos will be selected.
  • The whole collection will be shared with the public, globally.
  • Join in. Help us show that research matters to everyone.


  • Applications accepted from active researchers working in any discipline.
  • Participants must have published a paper, or had a paper accepted for publication, in a Nature Portfolio journal between 1st November 2020 and 1st November 2021, not necessarily as the lead or corresponding author. (But your video can be about any part of your research work, it does not need to be about this particular paper and we do not want complex video summaries of a research paper).

  • Applications are accepted from individuals or from teams via a team spokesperson.

The Award

10 videos will be chosen, with winners receiving 

  • €5,000.  In the case of healthcare professionals, Springer Nature will donate the amount to a charitable organisation.
  • Promotion on social media.
  • Participation in interactive public voting, for the viewers favourite - which will be hosted through Springer Nature and Merck platforms.


Deadline: 28th February 2022 12:00 noon UTC.

Click here for full details, including criteria for the format of the video, and to apply.