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The competition is open to all researchers working in any sector of UK biosciences, from universities, institutes or industry. There are two categories of award:

New Researcher Prize: £750

The New Researcher Award is open to bioscience researchers currently reading for a Masters/PhD or in the first year of a post-doctoral position.

Established Researcher Prize: £1500

The Established Researcher Award is open to bioscience researchers who are beyond the first stages of their research career, as defined in the New Researcher category. The Society is looking for researchers who communicate their own work well, and who represent their own field strongly in the science communication world. 

Please note: Professional science communicators, paid for science communication work beyond their role as a scientist, are not eligible to apply.


The Society is looking for an applicant (whether a member or not) with commitment to outreach over a period of time. This could involve a wide range of activities, from talks and written articles to hands-on demonstrations or art displays. The audiences can vary from school children to patients to the general public, but should not include a scientific audience above school level.

Overall the judges will be looking for a programme of activities that can be demonstrated to have brought good quality science to non-academic audiences in engaging ways that are likely to foster a lasting interest in the biosciences. Judges will be marking specifically on scientific content, influence and recognition, innovation, evaluation and feedback, impact on society and working with underserved sectors.

Previous Society of Biology Outreach and Engagement Award winners are not eligible to enter again.


The Outreach and Engagement Awards 2018 is now open for applications.

Each applicant must submit their completed application form and CV as a single PDF.

The deadline for applications is 29th June 2018. The winner for each award category will be announced in October 2018.


For full details, visit their website.