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The Society for Endocrinology invites applications for its public engagement grants. These support the organisation and delivery of outreach activities, aimed at school children or the general public, that engage audiences with hormones and the impact of endocrinology (initiatives aimed at patients will not be considered for funding through this scheme).

Activities may include the following:

  • hands-on activities that can be used in classrooms;
  • endocrine-themed science practicals;
  • short, online videos or podcasts;
  • online website material to reinforce concepts learnt in school.

Given the current covid-19 situation, it appears that the society are specifically looking to encourage contributions to their You and Your Hormones website. E.g., quizzes, printable resources for workshops, and videos and podcasts.

Applications for public engagement initiatives falling outside of this theme are still encouraged. 

Full and early-career members may apply. Full members need to have held membership for a minimum of one year and early-career members need to have held membership for a minimum of six months at the time of application.

Grants are worth up to £1,000.

Deadline 11.59am BST Wednesday 23 September.