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The Science and Technology Facilities Council invites proposals for its public engagement nucleus awards. These support novel public engagement programmes that inspire and involve target audiences with stories of STFC science and technology, and build and sustain public engagement networks that develop communities of practice.

Proposed programmes must focus on a topic within the council’s remit, which includes astronomy, solar and planetary science, particle physics, particle astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear physics and accelerator science, or clearly align to the science and technology work of STFC’s national and international laboratories and facilities.

Applications that highlight the social, ethical, and economic benefits of research are welcomed.

Applications are encouraged to propose novel or innovative approaches towards engagement. Applications that propose engagement with audiences considered to have low science capital are also encouraged.

Awards are worth up to £100,000 each. They may cover costs such as contributions to salaries, costs of materials, travel and subsistence. Digital content is only funded as an intrinsic part of a wider engagement programme.

You can read previously funded project summaries on STFC's website - great for inspiration and to gauge whether your idea is suitable for this scheme.

Deadline brought forward to 14 Jan 2021

Full details and application