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In 2019, The Public Engagement with Research (PER) team will be facilitating a range of events to support researchers and staff to evaluate PER activities.

What is evaluation?  Evaluation is a useful process to collect evidence on the impact of PER. When used effectively, evaluation can facilitate learning and reflection to enhance future engagement.

Who can attend?  DPhil students; researchers; research and professional services staff; PER Facilitators.

How can I register for the events?  Registration details will be shared information through the PER digest, the PER team's monthly email newsletter. To subscribe please email with "Start PER Digest" in the subject line.


Breakfast Evaluation Club

The Breakfast Evaluation Club is a drop-in to discuss all things PER evaluation. From learning about why and how to evaluate PER, to drafting up an evaluation plan, the Breakfast Evaluation Club will provide advice, feedback and examples of evaluation. *Free hot drinks and croissants provided.

Thursday 16 May, 10.00-11.30, Pitt Rivers Museum (The Balfour Room)

Tuesday 16 July, 9.30-11.00, Oxford Big Data Institute (up the hill)

Workshop: Evaluating Tabletop Displays

This workshop will explore a range of methods for evaluating pop-up displays and exhibitions. The workshop is specifically for researchers and staff that are planning or involved in engagement that involves a display or exhibition, and how thinking beyond the display can drive a lasting impression.

Wednesday 19 June, Oxford Museum of Natural History [tbc]

Introduction to: Evaluating PER

This seminar will provide an introduction to PER Evaluation. What is evaluation? Why is it important to evaluate impact? How do I evaluate engagement? Find out about a range of practical examples and advice for good evaluation practice.

Tuesday 15 October, 14.00-15.00, Oxford Big Data Institute (up the hill)

Workshop: Evaluating Events and Performances

This workshop will focus on evaluating public engagement events and performances. If you are involved in events that aim to inform and inspire audiences, then find out how to evidence the impact of your event; did the public audiences change in any way – gain knowledge, change their attitudes, perceptions or behaviour?

Thursday 5 December, 9.30-12.30, Wellington Square (room 3)