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Are you interested in improving your communication skills, talking about your research with a public audience, joining a global network of science communicators and an all expenses paid trip to Cheltenham Science Festival?

FameLab is the only international science communication competition designed to find, train and mentor scientists and engineers to share their enthusiasm for research with the public. Participants from around the world engage and entertain you armed only with their wits and a few props – the result is an unpredictable, enlightening and exciting way to encourage your curiosity and find out about current research.

Why take part?

How to take part

To take part you can take your pick of training sessions, then you just need to attend a regional heat.

Region Training Heat Final
Oxford 30 January – Science Oxford Centre, 3pm – 5pm 10 & 11 February – St Aldate’s Tavern, 7pm – 9pm 6 March – Science Oxford Centre, 7pm – 9pm

You can also enter by video. 

To be eligible you must be 21 or over, studying or working in a STEM subject/area.


If you win your regional final, you will be invited to:
• A weekend masterclass with a professional science communicator 30 & 31 May 2020
• Participate in the FameLab UK final at Cheltenham Science Festival 1 June 2020
• An all-expenses paid trip to Cheltenham Science Festival 2-7 June 2020 where you can meet FameLab participants from all over the world, engage with audiences and other science communicators, and immerse yourself in the vibrant festival programme
• Receive up to £2,000 prize money

If you win the UK final, you will be invited to represent the UK at the International FameLab Semi-Finals, and possibly the International FameLab Final at Cheltenham Science Festival 4 June 2020!


Full details and application