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I’m a Researcher is an online activity where school students connect with academic researchers. It’s a competition between the researchers, where students are the judges.

Students challenge the researchers over fast-paced online text-based live CHATs. They ASK the researchers anything they want, and VOTE for their favourite to win a prize of £500 to engage the public with their research

The next activity, Machine Learning Zone, takes place 11th-22nd November 2019

We're looking for additional researchers to take part. 

You'll develop your communication skills, gain a fresh perspective on your work, and find out what young people think about machine learning and the role of researchers. 

By reading profiles, questioning, and taking part in live chats, school students see that researchers are people like them and find out about the huge breadth and potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning research happening in their local area.

Students also gain an understanding of how the subjects they are studying fit in with current research and future careers. 

This activity was previously run with 22 researchers from across many different subject areas in support of the Curiosity Carnival in 2017. You can read the impact report here, and read about the winner, Priyanka Dhopade's, experience here.

Read the FAQ for researchers.

It's really easy and great experience! You don't have to leave your office, but you can do it anywhere:

How to apply

Simply email with your current job title, research area, and a one sentence description of your research, written to be accessible and engaging for a 14 year old by 4 October.

You will be notified if you have been successful by 11 October.