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Take part by contributing a short video, a Twitter thread about your work, or take part in a livestream chat.

Join an epic 48 hour continental showcase of research this spring! The European Research Showcase invites researchers in industry and academia, at any professional level and in any discipline to highlight their work in this social media based engagement event.

The showcase is part of INTERSECTIONS, an international collaboration funded by UKRI.

They're looking for researchers across all disciplines to participate on 28 - 29th April, to post one or more of the following:
- A maximum 2 mins long video (made for TikTok but could be posted on Instagram and Twitter) about their work
- A thread about their work on Twitter
- Or to take part in a livestreamed chat (10-15 mins long), which will be shared across multiple social media platforms.

Whilst taking part, all participants will be able to attend a 90 mins online training session on content creation, as well as access to a suite of training videos prepared by the Berlin School of Public Engagement. There is also support available for content creation, and editing support on offer from a videographer for all those making short videos.

This event is open to researchers of all disciplines and career stages, and is not limited to those working within universities. They're using the broad theme of 'Life, Land, Place and Space', and allowing all participants to interpret this theme in whichever way they choose.

Click here for more information and to sign up