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ATOM is a growing and very family-friendly science festival located in the 'Science Vale' at the heart of UK science. It will take place from 14-22 March 2020 and the programme is now finalised. However, there are several opportunities for interested individuals and organisations to take part in our free, public events, especially:

Saturday 14 March - The Science Market where science takes the place of food  and crafts on all the stalls in the historic town square. This is our premier event for the accidental audience, people who were just out shopping and never expected to be visiting a science festival.

Sunday 22 March - The Family Science Fair at the Yang Science Centre, Abingdon School where the indoor venue, with over 20 science labs and other spaces available for use, allows families to explore hands on activities from a wide range of STEM related organisations. Bonus for 2020 - it's Mothers' Day, where better to spend it as a family?!


Theyare also glad to hear from volunteers willing to offer general help with these events or at the significant number of talks and other events during the Festival.

Anyone interested in finding out more can do so via the ATOM Festival website where contact details for events are listed.