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Applications are now open to take interactive science stalls to the famous Glastonbury music festival.

Glastonbury is a huge music festival attracting almost a quarter of a million people to an otherwise sleepy Somerset dairy farm each summer.

Alongside an array of musical treats, the festival has recently introduced a science area and are welcome applications from those who would like to host a stall.

Click here to read about the Gene Therapist's experience at the 2022 festival.

Science Futures is a new area in the Green Futures field at Glastonbury Festival that is dedicated to science. They welcome exciting interactive stalls covering any relevant topic from any discipline in the natural or social sciences. 

All you need to do to apply is register as a “trader” and fill in the online application form.

Applications are light touch, but stalls should fit with the spirit of Science Futures and Glastonbury Festival, with a strong emphasis on visual aspect.

The deadline for applications is 8 November 2022.

 Important notes:

  *   Please read the trader info on the festival website before applying.

  *   Please ensure you tick the box for “charity/campaign” stalls and give “Green Futures / Science Futures” as the best location for your stall.

  *   There is no electricity in Green Futures, but renewable energy sources are very welcome!

  *   The application form is aimed at traders, so please download their guidelines on completing the application form for science stalls<>.


They are very happy to provide guidance on your application to give it the best chance of success – just use the contact form on the Science Futures website, or email the team.


Click here for full details and to apply