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New Scientist Live are planning virtual events through 2021 and are looking for speakers.

Live events may still be on hold, but New Scientist are continuing to plan an exciting programme of virtual events throughout 2021. They're getting audiences in excess of 1,000 for their evening talks with ticketholders from every corner of the world. Their 2021 line-up already includes speakers such as Carlo Rovelli, Ella Al Shamahi, Susan Schneider and Aubrey de Grey.  

And at their recent one-day virtual event more than 4,100 viewers heard talks about the future of food and agriculture and engaged with a wealth of workshops, live science chats and activities run by partner organisations.            

They're now expanding their programme of virtual lectures and one-day events, as well as re-imagining their award-winning festival New Scientist Live. The themes of their one-day events this year include Science for good, sustainability, and the future of medicine  …. and they're always open to ideas! 

They're on the lookout for inspiring speakers and performers, stimulating experiences and engaging activities. If that’s someone in your place of study and education, they'd love to hear from you! They particularly welcome applications from early-career and underrepresented scientists and communicators.