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IF Oxford, taking place 7-23 October in 2023, explores science and ideas through an exciting mix of presentations and interactive activities. Whether you have a specific idea or not, the team are keen to hear from you.

If you haven't been involved for a while, or are new to the Festival, IF Oxford explores science and ideas through an exciting mix of presentations and interactive activities. Thousands of visitors come to dozens of venues across the city, and connect online. Festival events welcome adults and families to inspire conversations and increase science confidence.

This year the festival will take place from 7 to 23 October in venues across the city.

The Festival is a high-profile opportunity for you to introduce your work to new people, giving excellent public exposure to businesses, research and cultural organisations. With help from the Festival team, you and your colleagues can experiment with new ways to present your ideas. Develop public engagement skills while meeting potential customers, collaborators and even future employees face-to-face.

Anyone can be involved. The Festival team works with academics, researchers, businesses, authors, charities and community groups. Together, we build a high quality programme of events that connect curious minds of all ages and backgrounds. Who will you inspire?

The Expression of Interest form includes a link to book a video / phone call to discuss and develop your ideas into Festival events. 

Alternatively, click here to book a place at the introductory Zoom meeting on Tuesday 7 February where you can meet the IF Oxford team and learn more about what the Festival offers, why we run it, who it's for and how it can benefit you and your organisation.  

The call for Festival Expressions of Interest is open now, and will close on Friday 31 March. 

Full details about the support provided, the process, venues and costs can be found on their website.

Click here for full details and to submit an expression of interest