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Do you enjoy getting creative and finding fun ways to help others learn? The Museum of Natural History are looking for volunteers to run an activity stand at the next Super Science Saturday family science fair: Diversity.

They are looking for volunteers to design and deliver activity stands that have fun and hands-on activities; helping families to learn about Diversity.

Diversity could mean many things: maybe you work with wildlife, have an enthusiasm for bird spotting, fossil collecting, or maybe you are helping to create a diverse new range of chemicals? Anything that celebrates the diversity of our world could be included! 

The Museum’s Public Engagement team will support you to develop any ideas or activities that you have up your sleeve, and will pay for materials (up to £25).


Who is it for? 

Super Science Saturday is a free family event for ages 8+, hosted bi-annually at the Museum. It brings the public together with scientists and experts to learn about current science and research in a fun and accessible way. 

Nearly 2,500 children and adults attended the November 2019 Super Science Saturday!


How to get involved

If anyone is interested in designing an activity/game on a ‘Diversity’ theme for a family audience, please contact Ana Wallis: with a 100 word max idea proposal.


Deadline for expressions of interest is Friday 7th February at noon.


Please note that you will need to be available on Saturday 14th March to deliver your activity.


The Museum will also be running science communication training which you will be invited to attend


Mon 24th Feb, 1-2pm

Thurs 27th Feb, 5.15-6.15pm

Tue 3rd Mar, 5.15-6.15pm