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UK Space Agency is offering grants from £50,000 to £100,000 to use space to help increase young people taking up STEM study and careers and/or increase science capital.

The Space for All Fund from the UK Space Agency is offering funding to inspire and support STEM education for young people with a focus on space related initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in STEM. 

The total fund is £500,000 and will be providing grants ranging from £50,000 to to £100,000, with additional funding possible through business case approvals.

Researchers and staff from Universities are eligible to apply.

They're looking for high quality, sustainable interventions that can live on beyond the period of the funding. They have a particular focus on engaging with under-served groups in STEM, to encourage STEM uptake, and raise science capital, and to raise awareness of the relevance of space for citizens.

Click here to find out more about science capital.

Applications will be assessed against their alignment with the objectives, the quality of the application, the feasibility of the intervention and value for money. Ideally the activities will be free for members of the public to access.

Applications should avoid one-time engagement projects, sole-reliance on government funding, lack of post-grant benefits and irrelevance to space.

The deadline for applications is 5pm (GMT) 27 October.

Click here for full details and to apply