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Understanding what motivates and prevents families from engaging with learning opportunities, support services, resources and guidance is essential if we are to improve outcomes for children, young people and their parents. 

In this conference, you will discover ways to effectively engage and work with families in your community, and reach new audiences. From what behavioural science can tell us about parental engagement to gaining richer understanding through family panels, the presentations, discussions and workshops will help you shape your offer,  so families benefit from your services.


This conference will explore:

  • The behavioural science of parent engagement
  • How to rebrand learning to engage families
  • The power of photography to engage men in family learning and family literacy
  • How to use family panels to understand your community
  • Recruiting and retaining learners
  • Engaging the disengaged
  • Motivations and barriers to learning

Who will benefit from attending?

This conference is ideal if you engage with anyone working with families, children, adult and communities in:

  • museums & galleries
  • schools
  • libraries
  • parenting support
  • family learning provision
  • colleges
  • job centres
  • employability programmes
  • the wider community 


*** Earlybird offer £150 (no VAT) until 9 August 2019 ***

The workshop is £200 (no VAT) including lunch.

There are discounts for Friends of the Campaign for Learning.