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The University of Oxford's small grants scheme provides £2-4k for researchers to develop, deliver and evaluate Public Engagement with Research projects and activities.

The University of Oxford's small grants scheme provides funds for researchers to develop, deliver and evaluate Public Engagement with Research projects and activities.

Applications are welcome from those new to or experienced in Public Engagement with Research. Funds (typically £2k to £4k) can be requested to pilot a new project or enhance an existing activity.

Applications are made through the university's internal application system, IRAMS. Fill out the application details and then upload a case for support using the template provided.

In your case for support you'll be asked to provide information about the proposed project including your aims, your target audiences, the approach you'll be using, a justified budget, and some basic evaluation plans (though don't worry, all applicants are provided with evaluation support).

Applications are welcomed from those both experienced and less experienced with public engagement with research, and will be assessed accordingly.

The Principal Investigator must be a researcher at the University of Oxford. Co-applicants can include others, including support staff and external partners.

The selection criteria used to assess proposals are:

  • The potential to benefit both the public and the researchers or their research.  
  • Clear evidence that the purpose of the engagement and target public audience or public participants have been carefully thought through and articulated; and that the chosen way to engage is appropriate to reach the target groups and achieve the objectives.  
  • How well the project relates to a specific research project or research area of the researcher(s) involved. 
  • The justification for the costs and value for money. 
  • The plans for reflection and evaluation of the project. 
  • The project’s potential legacy


Full details and application

Would you like some guidance or to bounce some ideas around? Get in touch to find a time to meet.