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Science Oxford are looking for hands-on science activities that can be delivered as part of their Live Lab sessions for families and young people through the summer.

The Oxford Trust (TOT) is an independent charitable trust whose mission is ‘to encourage the pursuit of science and enterprise’. The education and public engagement programmes of TOT are delivered under the brand of Science Oxford (SO), and we have a focus on working with young people, helping them to feel that science can be ‘for them’ and that it is something they can enjoy and succeed in. This project aims to develop and deliver activities for the flexible ‘Live Lab’ that is part of the Exploration Zone interactive exhibition of our new Science Oxford Centre (SOC). Its creation was originally supported by a grant from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. The Live Lab space is a “wet lab” designed to be suitable for the delivery of demonstrations and short ‘drop-in’ hands-on experiments – led either by our own staff or employees from local STEM organisations, such as university researchers. It will broaden the range of STEM experiences that the SOC is able to offer our visitors (who are mostly Early Years and primary school-age children, their teachers and families), broaden the range of learning content that we are able to cover and provide them with opportunities to interact with a wider variety of people who work in STEM. This will enable us to more fully utilise our physical assets at the SOC and encourage repeat visits which support the influencing of attitudes and behaviours over time.

This project aims to work with local scientists to develop and deliver activities for the “Live Lab” in the Exploration Zone hands-on science exhibition space at Science Oxford Centre. These will add valuable and engaging science activities for family visitors at the centre at weekends and in school holidays. The activities will be developed in partnership with Science Oxford who will provide training and advice.

Family visits last two hours in the centre and activities will need to fit in this timeframe.

 Here are some suggested guidelines:-

  • Activities take 10-15 minutes
  • Aimed at small groups, perhaps 6-8 people, parents and children included.
  • Consider efficient reset
  • Not too much waste if possible.
  • Run by 1 or 2 scientists supported by SO staff in the centre
  • Activities should encourage discussion and thinking by participants.
  • Link it to the work of the scientists involved
  • Add in follow up activity (Could include a take away)

Science Oxford will provide training for scientists. In the first instance we are very happy to invite any interested participants to the centre, show them the space and provide some training in delivering family science activities and the ethos behind the centre. There is also ongoing support and evaluation to help the scientists create a worthwhile and family friendly activity. 

The activity needs to be developed for delivery in the Summer of 2022.

There is a budget for any additional equipment needed to deliver the activity.

 This project is being co-ordinated by Mike Dennis.

Click here to email Mike Dennis.