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Science Communication and Public Engagement are often seen as effective ways for researchers to disseminate their ideas to a wider audience. Nevertheless, these practices still largely overlook the efforts of historically marginalized and minority communities. As a result, the intellectual assets and epistemologies from certain regions, religions, genders, and nationalities get undermined in public debates. In this webinar, you will hear from some science communication researchers and practitioners who have been trying to empower marginalized voices through their work. They will discuss the inherent power structures within science communication and what does it take to dismantle them.

This webinar takes place Friday 23 October at 4pm (BST - note the flyer below appears to have the incorrect time).

Brought to you by the STGlobal Consortiuma graduate-student-led consortium of professional and academic groups, organising learning-centred events for early-career scholars and practitioners in the social and policy dimensions of science and technology.

Watch it here

STSGlobal Consortium presents…. Science and Technology in Society, for Society Knowledge in Action Webinar Series. Inequalities and power struggles in science communication. Friday 23 October 2020 8am MST, 11am EDT, 5pm EAT, 8.30pm IST. Megan Halpern assistant professor Michigan State University. Verah Okeyo Global Health Reporter Nation Media Group East Africa. Shireen Azam founder and editor (former) EPW Engage and PhD student University of Oxford. Pamela Buchan interdisciplinary PhD candidate university of Exeter city councillor Plymouth.