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For the 50th Anniversary, there will be a new science area in the Green Futures field, and the organisers are welcoming applications for exciting interactive science stalls.

The applications portal is now open


The deadline is 14th November 2019, applications are light-touch. 

The Green Futures Field is dedicated to creative change and eco problem-solving, so it’s the perfect place for a science area. The organisers are particularly interested in exciting activities showcasing scientific solutions to environmental issues. 

Stalls should fit with the spirit of Glastonbury Festival, with a strong emphasis on presentation. There is no electricity in Green Futures, but renewable energy sources are very welcome!

All you need to do to apply is register as a “trader” and fill in the online application form.

Please ensure you tick the box for “charity/campaign” stalls in Green Futures, and include “science area at Green Futures” in the description of the best onsite stall location.