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Here are the Oxfordshire community groups we will be working with through Science Together for the academic year that runs from September 2022 until August 2023.

A toddler scoops earth into a small flower pot with a look of great concentration, on either side of her are two encouraging adults, smiling and laughing. © John Cairns

Cutteslowe Primary School

Cutteslowe Primary School based in North Oxford has an exceptionally high number (approx. 90 of the 357 children (25%)) of children registered with Special Educational Needs (SEN).  This number is increasing year on year with higher numbers of children with SEN registering in Nursery and Reception each year with an ever increasing diverse and complex range of high needs. 

Science Together project:

Working in tandem with researchers to test a method of integrated learning and its effectiveness for children with highly complex additional needs and behaviours – and sharing their findings with other schools.


EMBS Community College 

EMBS College supports the education and wellbeing of students who are recent migrants, unaccompanied refugees, and people for whom mainstream education has not been appropriate.

Science Together project:

EMBS is exploring the interaction of nature, learning and wellbeing through the renovation of an overgrown garden into large veg patch.


MuzoAkademy II

MuzoAkademy II brings the benefits of music to all people with an interest and appreciation for music, with a particular emphasis on young people, the elderly, those from a lower socioeconomic background, the vulnerable, people with health conditions, people with a disability, neurodivergent people and people with a mental health condition.

Science Together project:

Producing a programme to develop life skills based around the 7Cs: Creativity, Confidence, Cooperation, Commitment and Constructive Critical Thinking for participants and assessing the benefits of music and live performance in developing these skills.


Oxford Community Action 

To support new and emerging multi-ethnic communities alongside more established multi-ethnic communities to tackle and overcome barriers created by structural inequalities (e.g. labour market and ethnic health inequalities) that prevent individuals and communities from reaching their full potential and enjoying equal representation and participation as active citizens within UK institutions and wider civil society.

Science Together project:

Working with the local community, researchers and clinicians to broaden the understanding around ‘new and revolutionary’ treatments for sickle cell anaemia and thalassemia. This includes an event on 15 April. 


Oxford Mutual Aid

Formed in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Oxford Mutual Aid supports 2000 people a week, across Oxford, with regular (and emergency) food parcels and other essential supplies.

Science Together project:

Exploring the impact that its work has on both individuals and the community by using data to monitor and evaluate that work.


Oxford United in the Community 

Oxford United in the Community (OUitC) uses the power of football to inspire the people and communities of Oxfordshire to have positive aspirations for their futures and the health, wellbeing, self-confidence, opportunities and resources to achieve them. They are working to support all the community across Oxfordshire 'aged from 2 to 92' with a 'place-based' approach.

The Science Together project:

OUitC is looking at how to expand the reach of its Manor Club initiative, widening the Club's impact on satellite community groups, and determining how effective online activity can be in helping to combat loneliness.


AFiUK was set up to support African heritage children and other newly arrived migrant children to access services in education, health and social care. AFiUK carries out numerous projects that involve the support of migrant and marginalised families in Oxford. 

The Science Together project:

Developing regular, hands-on science sessions where young people are able to see STEM subjects in a new light, and creating a safe space where children in areas of high deprivation can access high quality educational support.