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Based on the establishment of the Oxford-JITRI Innovative Materials and Processes for Advanced and Critical Technology (IMPACT), JITRI (Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute) has set up a fund to support projects and a mechanism for project selection that will encourage professors and technical teams from the MPLS Division of Oxford University to carry out R&D projects with the support of IMPACT and then transfer them to Jiangsu Province for commercialization. Thus, the IMPACT R&D Programme will enhance the collaboration between JITRI and Oxford University, as well as contribute to upgrading Jiangsu industries.

There will be two rounds of applications per year and the goal is to fund 3-5 projects each round, each at a level of GBP100K-150K / year for two years.


  • To promote technical exchanges between JITRI and Oxford University;
  • To attract synergistic technical teams to cooperate with JITRI Research Institutes;
  • To build a local innovation ecosystem and support Jiangsu industries.


  • The programme is open to all professors and technical teams from MPLS who can establish connections with JITRI or Jiangsu Province on R&D projects.
  • Requires an R&D proposal (< 8 pages written in 12-point font) with a recommendation letter from the Director of MPLS.
  • The projects need to be relevant and potentially impactful to Jiangsu Province. One of many ways to demonstrate relevance is to engage JITRI Research Institutes and / or Jiangsu industry at the proposal stage.
  • The areas of focus for the first two calls will be new materials, biomedical & medical devices, high-end manufacturing, new energy & environmental protection, and information communications technology.

How to apply

Calls for proposals are planned every half year, initiated by the IMPACT Project Working Group.

All the documents should be submitted by email to the JITRI Overseas Cooperation Department copying Chia-Chen Hsu.

Applications must be received by 5pm (GMT) 30 September 2019 

A letter of support is needed from the Head of MPLS - to obtain this please email a draft letter and a copy of your draft proposal to Chia-Chen Hsu by 12noon 13th September.

The application must address the following points:

Project Team

a) Introduction of project manager; (Including project experience)

b) Introduction of main team members. (Including project experience)


a) Introduction of R&D background and problems need to be solved;

b) Introduction of technology progressiveness and practicability;

c) Introduction of key technologies and difficulties;

d) Introduction of technology readiness level;

e) Analysis of future application field and market prospect;

f) Intellectual property right;

g) Possible business model;

h) Cooperation opportunities with JITRI institute or JITRI innovation center.


a) Project R & D progress plan(two years maximum);

b) Milestones and acceptance indicators(two phases checking and acceptance).


a) Total project funds and budget details;

b) Planning for use of funds(corresponding to the project R&D plan).


IP and Export Controls

The background IP position of proposals will need to be checked by Research Services. Please provide the following information when you submit your request for a letter of support from the Head of Division (see 'how to apply' above):

  • Is the background IP managed by OUI?
  • Are there any third party rights on the IP?
  • What was the funding source underpinning the background IP?

All proposals will need to comply with the UK's Export Control regulations - for details see the Research Services website.


A project working group, including representatives from the JITRI Specialist Departments and one representative from Oxford University, will be organized, led by Overseas Cooperation Department. The project working group will make preliminary comments.

JITRI Specialist Departments will organize a temporary expert committee for technical review. Expert committee includes researchers from universities, specialized institutes and local enterprises. The evaluation will last no more than two months, and exchange of visits and technical seminars will be organized as needed.

Specialist Departments integrate the opinions of the expert committee and propose projects to the JITRI general meeting for funding.

The final determination is made by JITRI general meeting.

The Evaluation Criteria are:

  • Project Team (15%) - R&D capabilities and project experience
  • Technology(30%) - Progressiveness, Technology readiness level, Intellectual property rights
  • Policy5%- Risk management
  • Market10%- Market promise
  • Business model10%- Relevant to Jiangsu Province
  • Cooperation opportunity30%- Cooperation opportunities with JITRI institutes or joint innovation centers or Jiangsu Companies


  • Projects which get approved by the general meeting will be funded.
  • The expected range of funding for each project is GBP100K-150K per year with a duration of 2 years.
  • All projects should be costed at a minimum of 100% FEC.
  • A separate agreement will be signed for each identified project, covering intellectual property, exchange of materials, data, and software, disclosure of confidential information, financial arrangements, roles and responsibilities in administering and managing the project, export control, data security, and property arrangements.


  • An annual report is required, by email.
  • A Final Report is required, detailing accomplishments, industry partners, and a business plan for entering the Jiangsu innovation ecosystem.





Amount for each (£)

Total Amount (£)













Evaluation timeline



12th August, 2019

The first round program release

30th September, 2019

Project collection finish

30th October, 2019

Project initial evaluation finish

30th December, 2019

Project overall review finish

12th January, 2019

The first round results release


Contact Chia-Chen Hsu with any queries.