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This program will not support core AI research in computer science, statistics or mathematical sciences; rather, it will provide funding for fellows developing and applying AI techniques to research in engineering and the natural and mathematical sciences.

The primary criterion will be that the underpinning applied science is internationally leading, with the application of AI/ML techniques appropriate and likely to lead to a step-change in the application domain.

Applicants will need to submit a research proposal for a programme of work that will deliver research in an area of mathematical, physical or (non-medical) life sciences with a focus on the application of AI to accelerate scientific progress in that field. Proposals are invited in any area of STEM where the innovative use of AI and/or Machine Learning will accelerate new scientific directions and applications. Example application areas range across net zero and clean energy (for example new materials for clean energy application, and electrochemical batteries), life sciences (for example AI for engineering biology), sustainability (in ecology and conservation), technologies of the future (including quantum computing, aerospace engineering and CFD, and materials design), and understanding the Universe (with applications in particle physics, quantum ML and astrophysics).

This research proposal must have the support of a PI in an MPLS department and confirmation from the department that they are ready and willing to host the Fellow. View a list of MPLS departments.