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Oxford runs events for girls to provide an insight into studying maths and science at degree level, and the kind of careers that can result.

Events for girls
Oxford runs the following events for girls:
  • Inspire Her: hands on activities and coding challenges for mothers and their daughters (year 7)

  • Women in Computer Science for girls in year 10 and 11

  • Physics degree taster days for girls in Year 12

  • It All Adds Up: Two day-conferences in Mathematics for girls in January each each year in year 9-11 and in years 12-13

  • Dragonfly days in Engineering for Year 10 girls from local state schools in Oxfordshire
  • Parents programme: the MPLS division has devised a programme aimed at primary school girls and their parents by equipping parents with knowledge about how to bring science and maths into the home, and what varied (and high-demand) career prospects are available to those with STEM degrees, through a digital tool-kit and parent ambassadors programme.

For more information on inspiring girls to study STEM subjects, view the WISE and Institute of Physics websites.