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The assessment panel should complete this report form immediately following the assessment.

  • Student name:
  • Start Date:
  • Research Title:
  • Date report received:
  • Date Interviewed:
  • Funded period:
  • Max submission:

Assessors are reminded that this is a formal examination of the University of Oxford. In order for transfer of status to be conferred, assessors must be satisfied that:

1. The student has proposed a viable MSc (R) project that can be completed within the proposed timeframe and funded period or within 9 terms.

2. The work undertaken to date provides an appropriate background and platform for progress.

3. The student has developed a critical understanding of the relevant literature.

4. The student understands, can justify and defend their research project, its objectives and rationale.

5. The student has a clear plan for the future direction of the project.

6. The student has begun to take intellectual ownership of the project.

In making your assessments (and in judging the level of the viva) it is important that your expectations of the student are moderated by (a) the student’s previous academic background and (b) the point they have reached in their MSc (R) studies as this is still an early stage.

On the basis of the student’s transfer report/submitted work and the transfer interview, please indicate your assessment of the following, ticking as appropriate:

Excellent = has excellent knowledge/ work. Has convincing research proposal and is making outstanding progress in its development.

Satisfactory = has sufficient knowledge/work and feasible plans for future work, and is making satisfactory progress in development of research proposal.

Not Satisfactory = has lack of knowledge/work and/or poor or unfeasible plans for future work, and/or is not making satisfactory progress.

Assessment of verbal and written work



Not Satisfactory

Familiarity with and knowledge of background literature




Amount of work completed




Quality of work completed




Potential contribution to field of proposed work




Coherence and organization of work




Content of presentation




Delivery of presentation




Ability to defend work




Ideas and plans for future work including a timescale for ongoing work




Ability to work independently




Compared to other students at this stage, this student’s Research competency appears to be




Student’s competence in written and spoken English





Likelihood of timely submission

Very likely





Prospect of the student submitting by their current maximum submission date







Training and professional development *

Yes – very well

Yes – but some areas requiring attention

Yes – but inadequately


Has the student appropriately engaged with academic skills training?





Has the student appropriately engaged with career focussed and professional development activities?





* Departments to amend wording accordingly for this section to make it relevant to their own departments.

Departments to add/explain their own requirements for training and professional development here.

Would the student benefit from additional supervision to facilitate their studies?          Yes / No

Please tick to confirm that you, the assessors, have received and reviewed the candidates GSO.2 Application for Transfer of Status form and that the DGS has signed to approve the candidate was ready to be assessed:   ¨


Assessors are required to provide further comments in the box below on the student’s work and interview. If transfer is being recommended and everything is satisfactory only a brief report is required, but sufficient verbal feedback must have been provided to the candidate during the transfer interview.. If transfer is not recommended, it is critical that detailed reasons for this are given along with instructions for any specific work that must be done prior to reassessment. A timescale for a subsequent meeting with the assessment panel (usually 3 months later) should be given. Assessors should also include a comment on the student’s acquisition of career skills (and plans to develop such skills) as outlined in the GSO.2/ departmental template form. This information will be reviewed by the DGS, and students and their supervisor(s) will receive a copy of the report once agreed. (Please continue on a separate page if required).

Overall Recommendation:


  • Transfer to MSc (R) status without reservations
  • Transfer to MSc (R) status if a satisfactory written response to this report is obtained, signed by both the student and supervisor (to be returned within 2 weeks)*

  • Transfer to MSc (R) status but follow-up action required (Please state clearly in your report above what follow-up action is being requested. The requested action should be completed normally within the next 2 months and submitted to the DGS for review.) **

  • Student should make a 2nd and final attempt to transfer to MSc (R) status in 1 term


Signed: (Assessor 1)

Print Name:



Signed: (Assessor 2)

Print Name:



DGS Signature:



* Department to obtain written response and a copy should be attached to the report before it is returned to the MPLS Graduate Office. 

** In selecting this recommendation assessors are confirming that the student has just reached the required standard for MSc (R) status, and that they are happy for the student to be transferred. However, the assessors may feel that the student needs to do some additional work to strengthen and support their on-going research, and this should be clearly set out in the report, which will allow the department to review with the student. Note: Any follow-up action being requested will not prevent the transfer from being processed.