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This course addresses the special challenges final-year research students face. As deadlines approach, researchers must gain / retain control, and understand priorities if they are to meet them successfully.

Course Details

Topics include:

  • Time planning for completion of the thesis
  • Planning for the viva exam
  • Dealing with interruptions to the finishing process (job interviews etc.)
  • Breaking through work blocks
  • Managing resources and contingency planning
  • Working effectively with your supervisors
  • Constructing a time-line with official milestones and deadlines

Testimonials from Past Participants

  • This course gave me a good understanding of what is expected from DPhil students and how to plan the completion of my thesis.
  • The course will help me to plan the final stage of my DPhil, i.e. writing up, submission, Viva. In particular, I have a better idea what to expect from the Viva.

Intended for

Third and fourth year graduate research students.

Number of Places


course leader

Dr. Louise Baron


Wednesday 17th February 2016 - 9:30AM - 1:00PM


Centenary Room, Careers Service

RDf Skills

B1, B2

The Researcher Development Framework (RDF) provides a framework for planning and supporting the personal, professional and career development of graduate students and research staff. See the the following for more details:

Additional support for researchers.

The Researcher Training Tool (click on Researcher Development)

Vitae (Vitae is a national organisation dedicated to realising the potential of researchers through supporting their professional and career development.)


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