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A series of workshops to help you win and deliver collaborative research projects with industry


The aim of these workshops is to help you win and deliver collaborative research projects with industry. They are designed to increase your understanding of how industry bids and projects ‘work’. They will help demystify this area by providing knowledge and skills to increase your confidence when collaborating with industry. They will be presented by members of the MPLS Business Development Team, with some interactive exercises facilitated by Dr Colin Wyatt. Colin is a research scientist by training with extensive knowledge of academic-industrial collaborations having been, most recently, the Director of Business Development at Imperial College.

For maximum benefit, attendance at workshop 1 will be a pre-requisite for workshop 2 – and participants are encouraged to attend all three workshops.

The 2013-14 presentation of this course has already occurred. The date and time of the 2014-15 academic year course will be announced in 2014.

Workshop 1: ' What is industry looking for?'

This workshop will focus on typical industry priorities, the benefits to each party of successful collaborations and how they differ from grant funded projects.  The workshop will include a session with Chris Reddick, former Vice President Enhanced Oil Recovery at BP, whose responsibilities included research collaborations with multiple universities.  

Workshop 2: 'How to find and engage with industry partners'

The second workshop will look at how to build relationships with companies and tailor research proposals accordingly. The workshop will include a session with Professor  Constantin Coussios, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, who will talk about his experiences of industry collaborations.

Workshop 3: 'Resources, support and guidance at Oxford'

The final workshop in this series will provide an overview of the resources available across the University to assist your dealings with industry.

All workshops take place over lunchtime and lunch will be provided.

Intended for

Postdoctoral researchers

Number of places

26 per seminar