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Intended for people who are taking over the delivery of an existing lecture or course of lectures, this workshop will focus on the presentation rather than the design of lectures.

course details

This interactive workshop is intended for people who have agreed to cover one or more lectures for a post-holder.  The assumption is that participants will be delivering an already established lecture, drawing heavily on the post-holder’s materials, rather than designing their own lecture.  Thus, the focus is primarily on presentation rather than lecture design per se. Participants will:

  • Consider the purpose of lectures and their relationships with labs, tutorials and independent study
  • Appreciate that lectures are a means of promoting learning
  • Consider lectures from both student and lecturer's perspectives
  • Identify elements of effective lectures and what lecturers can do to support students' learning in lectures

Intended for 

DPhil students and postdocs who will be delivering one or more existing lectures - i.e. for which the materials have already been established.

Number of places


Course Leader

Dr Anne Crook, The Oxford Learning Institute

date / time

Wednesday 23rd March 2016,  9.30 - 12.30


AIMS Seminar room in the Information Engineering Building

RDF Skills 

A1, B3, D3

The Researcher Development Framework (RDF) provides a framework for planning and supporting the personal, professional and career development of graduate students and research staff. See the the following for more details:

Additional support for researchers.

The Researcher Training Tool (click on Researcher Development)

Vitae (Vitae is a national organisation dedicated to realising the potential of researchers through supporting their professional and career development.)


Please send an email to, providing the following details:

  • Name
  • Department
  • Position (DPhil or research staff)
  • Details of the lecture(s) you will be delivering

When requesting a place on his course, please check our Terms and Conditions.