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Many researchers want to use their research to make a difference to people's lives. The way to do that is by translating your research from bench to market. This is done through technology transfer, or using your intellectual property (IP) and expertise. This seminar is being run is collaboration with Isis Innovation and will provide an introduction to intellectual property, technology transfer, patenting, searching free databases for patents and using your expertise through consultancy for other organisations. Guest speakers from within the University and Isis spin-out companies will also give a flavour of their own experiences of creating and using intellectual property and expertise as an Oxford University researcher or entrepreneur. We aim to provide an insight into the realities of life in a spin-out and the challenges faced by small, new companies developing early-stage technologies. 

During lunch there will be an opportunity to speak with the representatives from Isis Innovation and our guest speakers from Isis spin-out companies.

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Postdocs and research staff

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TBC for the 2015-16 academic year

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TBC for the 2015 - 16 academic year

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TBC for the 2015 - 16 academic year


TBC for the 2015 - 16 academic year

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TBC for the 2015 - 16 academicyear


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